Beautiful Backyards is a new company in town, and we are open for business. Please take some time to review our sample backyards.

waterfall pond
This large-sized waterfall (starting at $250) adds a relaxing and tranquil vibe to any backyard. This model comes with a remote-controlled fountain, a circling water flow around the main pond and realistic rock molding. This pond can play host to your goldfish, koi fish or turtles! Care for this model requires basic cleaning, algae maintenance and bimonthly water replacement. Convert your entire backyard into the ultimate escape. This full-yard deluxe includes a bridge, walkway and artful plants and decorations around your pond (starting at $800). If you don't already have a body of water in your yard, we will dig one (extra $500). This is the perfect renovation idea for large backyards. Fish, frogs and turtles can happily coexist in the pond's natural water. Safety rails can be added around the pond if desired ($50/ft).